Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012 Wilderness Classic Applications

If you plan to do this year's Classic, you should check out Luc Mehl's website.  Thingstolucat 
It's a cool site and chronicles his amazing exploits, including his recent traverse of Mt. Logan.  Luc has all the info you need for the race.  Here is his recent announcement:  
The 2012 Wilderness Classic application is ready! Please follow the link below and print your forms. If you choose to email your application to me, please scan a paper copy so that the signatures are legally binding. Please bring the paper copy to the race start as well.

I need rookie applications as soon as possible and no later than July 2.

I need all applications and entry fees (payable to 'Luc Mehl, AMWC') by July 6. Please let me know if you are a returning racer intending to participate this year. Previous winners are now allowed one fee waive. If you have already raced free since your win, you will need to pay this year.

A few comments regarding the Chakina River exit:
A few weeks ago I floated by the Chakina confluence with the Chitina. The burned area looks highly variable for hiking- some of it looked like easy going, some looked pretty miserable. To my knowledge nobody has floated the Chakina since Embick - I have asked everyone in the area and other likely suspects. The forest fire was followed by massive flooding and the potential danger from log jams is very high. I will add some photos to the website soon. The Chitina was pretty pleasant, fast and without rapids to speak of. It will be significantly higher in July, but should be pretty straightforward.

Please let me know if you have any questions-