Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Welcome to the Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic.

I'm just starting this blog. It seemed like a great way to share some information about The Classic and maybe get a little feedback too. I done the race a few times and I know a fair amount about it. Like many other Classic racers I'm obsessed with it even when I'm not doing it. I'm always thinking about how to improve speed, cut weight, figure out a better system to stay warm, dry and alive.

For non-racers it might seem a little obsessive, but anyone who's done the race will tell you the same thing: there's something primal about covering hundreds of miles of the roughest terrain on our planet in such a short amount of time. The race is the antitheses of every-day life. It's exhausting, dangerous and it'll test you to an extent you never knew possible.

If you think you're tough and you haven't survived The Classic, you don't know what tough is. You'll puke, weep and almost freeze to death. Maybe all at the same time. The Wilderness Classic can change your life.

Anyway, with the introduction over I hope to post here occassionally and share some knowledge with future racers and maybe swap ideas with current ones.

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