Friday, March 12, 2010

More pictures from 2004

I found a few more pictures from the start of the 2004, Eureka to Talkeetna.  These were taken just a few minutes before the racers took off from a gravel pit near the Eureka Lodge.  I've labeled the people I recognize.  My apologies to those I haven't labeled.

Thai Verzone - in purple, facing the camera.  Roman Dial - head visible just over the shoulder of the guy in gray.  Ben Summit - in blue, second from the right.  Dave Looney - far right.

 Ben Summit - on the left in blue.  Dave Looney - gray shirt and yellow hat.  Hans Neidig - wearing black behind the racer in the yellow jacket.  Chris Robertson - blue shirt, just right of the yellow jacketed racer.  Jeff Bannish - red shirt, center of picture.  Rob Kehrer - blue shirt, just right of Jeff.  Jim McDonough - in black clothes and blue hat.  Butch Allen - blue vest, holding papers in left hand.  John Lapkass - wearing black pack, facing away from the camera. 

 Roman Dial giving the racers final instructions and guidelines just before the race start.  Roman is on the left wearing black with orange bike helmet. 

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