Friday, May 14, 2010

Hot Springs 100

The Hot Springs 100, is a 100km++ overland wilderness event from Chena Hot Springs to Circle Hot Springs, Alaska.
In a straight line as the raven flies the distance on map is about 65 miles.
Afoot on terrain it may be 75 to 80 actual miles.
The terrain is primarily wilderness: unglaciated alpine domes and ridges.
Possible foot trails include animal(~73%), atv(~12%), gravel/tailing road(~15%),
Also a wilderness river float (as much as 40%).
This is a wilderness event.  The routes are mainly alpine with boreal forest approaches and a possible 30mi+ river section.  Bears, black and grizzly, are common all throughout the country.
Participants must be fit and equipped with wilderness experience; ready to cope with wilderness hardships.  It is essential a person feels comfortable orienteering from map to landscape and from landscape to map with a compass.
The event has occurred four times.
61 total participants. 55 finished.
The solo record time is 23hr. 50min.  (2009) The team record time is 23hr. 38min.  (2009) The solo all-overland record time is 24hr. 56min. (2007)
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