Sunday, March 13, 2011

2002 Pictures Part Two

Continuing up into the Cooper Creek drainage with a heavy snowstorm poised to hit.  

We made it to the pass in a whiteout blizzard.  Wearing enough clothes for a day hike and light trail running shoes, the three feet of snow was a challenge.  After a brief evaluation of our situation, we vowed that we were not going to stop moving until we were below the snow line.  Given our lack of shelter and winter clothes, if we did stop, we would have been in a fairly serious situation.  This picture is near the top of the pass next to a frozen lake. 

We made it below the snow line but still 5 miles short of Chisana the first night.  The next day we spent a little time drying our gear out on the Chisana airstrip.  About half of the people in the race, including the majority of the front-runners dropped out of the race in Chisana. 

More ankle busting terrain while ascending up into the Geohenda drainage.  

Feeling the hurt.

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