Saturday, May 21, 2011

2011 Hot Springs Race

For those of you looking for a great pre-Classic race here is a great one near Fairbanks.  The pre-race meeting is in just a few days so hopefully your schedule is flexible and can accommodate a last minute race. 

Here is the press-release:

Hot Springs--AlaskAcross  MEETING, May 24, 7pm  at  beaver sports
please attend
--the price you pay is out there in the country
-- a code of conduct is understood:
      no pack animals(except yourself), no caches of gear, 
      carry all gear from start to finish, no sabotage
AlaskAcross is for those experienced with raw wilderness travel.
There are no marked trails or directional markers.  This is wild country. The event is difficult and hazardous even when conditions are best. You will be entirely on your own in a remote region of Alaska . 
No help will be available.  No rescue can be anticipated. The appropriate knowledge of wilderness orienteering, bears and other animal hazards, crossing and paddling rivers, illness, injury, gear failure or loss, self- rescue, bad weather, hypothermia, frostbite, extremely difficult terrain, and the like must have been acquired before entering this event. 


  1. Any word on the results for this years race?

  2. Hi spruceboy, no word yet on the results but I'll see what I can find out and post the results.

  3. Answered my own question - the 2011 Results:
    21:13 Gerry Hovda “Wildermeister”

    23:30 James Binkley, Jeff Levison, Peter Calvin

    24:23 Andrew Harrington, Bob Gillis

    28:16 Mark Ross

    28:28 Tom Moran, Jay Cable

    31:30 Mike Roylance, Jeff Garrder

    32:18 Scott Jerome, Joel Pierson

    34:15 Ed Plumb, Mark Plumb

    35:07 Joe Meyer, Jason Reppert

    40:26 Ryan Clairmont, Matt Rogers

    41:08 Riley Troyer

    41:41 Eric Troyer

    51:45 Andrew Bishop, Zachary Keskinen

    51:53 Dan Bishop, Wayne Livingston