Saturday, June 11, 2011

2011 Hot Springs Race

Thank you to spruceboy who originally posted the results of the Hot Springs 100 in a comment.  Here are the results again along with a couple links to some news articles about the race.  Congratulations to everyone who did the race! 

Traveling entirely overland from Chena Hot Springs to Circle Hot Springs,
 Gerry Hovda's time of 21hours and 13 minutes broke the old record of 23:35.
The river was very low, the paddlers couldn't catch him.
21 hours: 13 minutes   Gerry Hovda    “Wildermeister”
23:30     James Binkley, Jeff Levison,  Peter Calvin
24:23     Andrew Harrington, Bob Gillis
28:16     Mark Ross
28:28     Tom Moran,  Jay Cable
31:30     Mike Roylance, Jeff Garrder
32:18     Scott Jerome, Joel Pierson
34:15     Ed  Plumb, Mark Plumb
35:07     Joe Meyer, Jason Reppert
40:26     Ryan Clairmont, Matt Rogers
41:08     Riley Troyer
41:41     Eric Troyer
51:45     Andrew Bishop, Zachary Keskinen
51:53     Dan Bishop, Wayne Livingston

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