Saturday, July 2, 2011

Handicapping 2011

Attempting to handicap the Wilderness Classic is probably a futile exercise because there are so many variables but it's always fun to gauge what the field is shaping up to be like.  It appears that Chris Robertson and Bobby Schnell will not be running the race this year.  This is huge news because they have dominated the Classic for the last decade or so.  Usually running as a team, Chris and Bobby have racked up an impressive number of wins and consistently high placed finishes over three different routes. 

Todd Kasteler is a favorite to do great things this year.  Todd finished strong last year in first place along with Chris, Bobby and Dan Powers. 

Over the years, applicants numbers for the Classic have waxed and waned.  This year the numbers seem to be waxing.  Given the interest from newcomers in the race this year, there is bound to be a significant number of newcomers to the race. 

With a strong previous winner who is familiar with the course, two past winners not running this year and a potentially large number of rookies, this year's race is adding up to be an interesting one.  There are so many uncertainties in the Classic though, anything could happen.  More than once a "rookie" has burst onto the scene and obliterated the field.  Or a past winner come out of the woodwork and decide it's time to brush off the ol' packraft again.  Potentials for this are Roman Dial, Andrew Skurka, or Gordy Vernon. 

The Classic is never boring and this year is shaping up to have plenty of excitement.  If you're running the race this year, good luck and be safe.  Stay tuned for updates as I get them. 

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