Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope this post finds you happy and healthy and training for the next Classic race.  It looks like the results of the poll are surprisingly evenly matched.  Who knew so many people wanted to experience the torture of the Hope to Homer race.  I've only heard rumors of it and have vowed never to do it.  Despite the poll, the course has already been set.  In true Classic form, a completely new route in the Wrangells are the new venue and it looks to be a challenging race. 

I hope you spend a few moments near the turning of the new year reflecting on your accomplishments in 2011 and your goals in 2012.  If you completed a Classic in 2011, then congratulations!  If your goal is to complete the Classic in 2012, then I wish you godspeed and may your feet be swift and sure.

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