Sunday, January 13, 2013

January Motivation

As I went out this morning for a hard five mile run my neighborhood was fairly quiet.  Most everyone was still sleeping and I had the two lane road to myself for about a mile before even a single car went past.  I was able to lose myself in thought as I chugged up the hill until I ran past the house with my good friend Mr. Pitbull.

I've run past this dog so many times I know every little quirk it has.  It sees me coming and crouches down, eyeing me until I'm at the closest I'll be to it's yard and then it sprints off at top speed toward me.  It knows how far it can go before the thick chain will jerk it backwards so it jumps into the air at just the right time.  It flies through the air before snapping backwards and then stands there growling at me until I disappear off into the distance. 

This dog easily weighs well over 100 lbs and I can see its muscles rippling when it runs at me.  It's a pure, unadulterated killing machine and would love to rip my head off.  Despite the fear of having my leg torn off on a deserted section of road, I love this dog.  It always provides me with a sorely needed surge of adrenaline and boosts my running speed significantly on a steep section of the road.

On the way back down the hill I'm running faster and can get past Mr. Pitbull's house before he knows what's going on.  Sometimes I taunt him just for good measure and payback.  "Hi, doggy.  Aren't you just a sweet little doggy?  See you tomorrow, enjoy that chain around your neck."

Sometimes you can find motivation in the most unusual things.  Search hard and use what you can find for mid-winter motivation.  Speaking of running, I put up a new poll in the sidebar.  Check it out. 

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