Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 Preliminary Race Results

Here's a quick update on The Race. 

17 people started the race this year.

Chris Robertson, Bobby Schnell, Todd ?? and Dan Powers won the race. 

Pete Calvin and Suzanne dropped out at Donnelly. 

Luc Mehl and his travel partner dropped out at Donnelly with a broken bicycle. 

Craig (Chunk) and his travel partner dropped out at Black Rapids. 

As far as I know, Michael Martin and John Lapkass were still in the race. 

That's all the info I have now.  Updates as soon as I find out more. 


  1. Todd Kasteler is the mystery racer's name. Rumor has it that Todd dragged the PJ's to the finish line and their 5th victory

  2. Is there a new update?

  3. Rob Keher and Matt Reardon finished the race on Saturday night at 7:40 pm....