Friday, July 30, 2010

A few pictures from the 2001 race.

I'm still traveling but I should be able to post more regularly soon.  Here's a few pictures for you while you're waiting.  These are from the 2001 Wilderness Classic which ran the Nabesna to McCarthy route. 

This picture is of racers inflating their boats to float Jack Creek about five miles into the race.  Jack Creek is slow and winding and has some small willow branches as sweepers.  After a little ways, Jack Creek joins the Nabesna River which is fast and angry.  The transition from Jack Creek to the Nabesna is sudden and severe and some people have ended their race at the sight of the tumolt.

Several racers near the start of the race.  Probably just a couple miles from the start.  Doug Woody on the left, Kevin Armstrong next and Gail Koepf on the far right.  Apologies to the racers I don't recognize. 

A sweet, ultralight camp setup for a good two hour night's sleep.  Note the use of the raft as a sleeping platform/tent.  

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