Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life Analogies

The Wilderness Classic is an amazing race not only for it's ability to challenge the human spirit and break the will of some of very strong people but also for it's never ending analogies to life.  The last couple months has brought some astounding changes to my life.  I feel like I've changed courses in the middle of the race and I'm digging in my pack for a new set of maps.  Undoubtedly, I'll look back on this time period as pivotal.  In a strange way, the timing is probably appropriate since I also just celebrated my 40th birthday a few days ago.  Change is always difficult, however, change also brings opportunities. 

Well enough introspection for now.  What this all means for you is that this blog is going to change course just slightly.  I think you'll like it.  The main focus will still be the Wilderness Classic and all it's wonderful intricacies.  However, instead of the occasional hike, climb and run in Alaska that I sometimes include, I'll be adding random adventures from Maui.  I'll be spending a good portion of my time in the islands from here on out and it didn't take me long to find lots of adventures on the Valley Isle.  With a little investigation I'm finding that Maui has at least as many opportunities for adrenaline junkies as Alaska.  Feel free to email me if you need any information about adventures or anything else on Maui. 

One thing I've learned writing this blog is to respect my readers so my apologies for the month long hiatus in posting.  The reasons for this are varied and have to do with a missing laptop and the fact that getting internet service in Maui takes quite a bit longer than you might think.  Chalk it up to "island time".  The point is I should be able to post more regularly now.  Stay tuned.

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