Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 Race Roundup

It seems like every year the Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic exceeds expectations in way and this year was no exception.  The 2012 race was perhaps the most difficult race yet.  Fifteen people started the race at Thompson Pass near Valdez and seven racers finished.  As in past years, everyone exercised excellent judgment and there were no serious injuries.

There were three main routes racers used.  Take a look at this Google map for details on the routes.
Google Map of 2012 Race Routes

Final Race Results

Luc Mehl and Josh Mumm, 3d 22.5h, Bremner Route
Todd Tumolo and Gerard Ganey, 4d 4h, Ice Route
Roman Dial, 4d 9h 52m, Bremner Route
John Sykes and Mike Loso, 4d 12h, Ice Route

DNF: Dave Chenault, John Lapkass, “Team Heavy” (Greg Mills, Rob Keher, Matt Reardon), Todd Kasteler, Tyler Johnson, Danny Powers.

A couple years ago there was almost no information about the Wilderness Classic on the web.  Now you can find videos, detailed accounts of Classic experiences and fantastic photos of the race.  I'll post some links here soon.  A special thanks to Luc Mehl who has done a great job of organizing this year's race.  You can find all sorts of information, including videos and links on his blog

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