Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Classic Workout

I went out for a good half day workout this last weekend that was a perfect Classic training run. I started from the Rabbit Creek trailhead in Anchorage, ran back 5 miles to Rabbit Lake and went up South Suicide. I dropped down 1000 feet to Windy Gap and then went up North Suicide. After the long scree slide back down to Rabbit Lake, I jogged a mile down the valley and climbed Ptarmigan Peak.

I kept the pace steady and took a sandwich, two liters of water and a jacket. Final tally was about 13 miles and 6200 feet of elevation. It was hot and two liters of water wasn't enough so I ended up slurping meltwater off a small dripping snowfield just below the summit of Ptarmigan.

South Suicide Peak with Rabbit Lake in the foreground. South Suicide Peak

Ptarmigan on the summit of North Suicide Peak. Ptarmigan on Summit of North Suicide Peak

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