Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Few Pictures from the 2000 Race

These four pictures were sent out to racers with the end of race packet.

The beginning of the 2000 AMWC in Nabesna, Alaska. 27 adventure racers started and 22 finished.

2000 AMWC Race Start

Michael Martin at the mouth of Cooper Creek. The Nabesna River is behind him. Racers typically travel 5 miles from the race start at Nabesna, blow up their packrafts to float Jack Creek for a couple miles and enter the swift Nabesna River. After several miles and a couple hypothermic hours of floating the Nabesna, racers take out at the mouth of Cooper Creek to start hiking.

Cooper Creek near the Nabesna River

Michael Martin on the Goat Trail. The Goat Trail starts about 100 miles into the race and travels down the Chitistone Canyon until it reaches the Nizina River. Calling the Goat Trail a trail is a euphemism because it's often impossible to find and goes places humans wouldn't willingly go.

Hiking the Goat Trail in the Chitistone Canyon

Greg Tibbets floating the Nizina River. The Nizina is the last section of packrafting on the race. It's fast, cold and dangerous. After this section of floating, it's 10 miles to the town of McCarthy, which is where the race ends.

Floating the Nizina River

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